Site News

New Demos Site Up

I actually put this site up last week and tweeted about it then, but for long-term reference I'd like to announce that my Demos site at is now back up and on Drupal. So far I've got demos up for some of the major modules I've writen: Form Builder, AJAX Poll, Image Resize Filter and Insert.

Haug Creative Debuts

In response to growing demand for web developers and my ability to contribute skills, I've launched the domain This marks the beginning of my services becoming freely available as my current projects allow time. I will soon be posting complete information on the services I provide. In the mean time, if you have a Drupal powered website needing some extra mucsle, contact me right away and we'll see what I can do.

Drupal storms

After several exciting months of developing sites using Drupal, I've taken the plunge and renovated Utilizing the increased database usage and Drupal-provided XML feeds, I've also created a mirror website (minus the news posting) at that is build entirely using Macromedia Flash. I figure that many designers might find the Flash website more appealing while web standards advocates will appreciate the XHTML strict of the main site at Enjoy the new look!