Insert & Image Resize Filter

Welcome to the Insert and Image Resize Filter example site!

This page demos the Drupal Insert and Image Resize Filter module by quicksketch.

In order to test these modules out, please login to the site with the login demo/demo. Create a new Article and try uploading an image. After uploading, use the "Insert" button to insert into the post. Then resize the image in the WYSIWYG editor. Note that drag-handles do not work in Webkit-based browsers, this includes Safari and Chrome.

Let's say you upload a 800x1000 pixel picture, if you resize it down to 400x500 pixels, the image will automatically be resized to match the html height and width attributes.

So if this is input:
<img src="/files/images/sample.png" width="400" height="500" />

It will automatically be adjusted to this:
<img src="/files/resize/images/sample-400x500.png" width="400" height="500" />

Feel free to experiement as much as you like. Please be courteous to your fellow Drupalers.