MTV UK Development

Opportunities can come from strange places. Over the past 9 months I've been working on the Drupal Content Management System. I was doing this work pro-bono, and as part of my Capstone project for Truman. As it turns out, the work I am produced just so happened to be exactly what Lullabot development needed for their very high-profile client, MTV.co.uk.

Student Research Conference Smashing Success

My presentations for the 19th Annual Student Research Conference had delightfully high attendances. I'm glad that so many students (and faculty) were interested in my work. After my Drupal presentation, viewers were polite enough to sit through another 15 minutes of questions, doubling the time I was allotted to present. Over 35 students showed to view my presentation on web animation. In case you couldn't attend, my presentations are available for download.

SRC - Drupal CMS

Given my nearly fanatical reviews of Drupal, it should be no surprise that I'm giving a presentation on this open-source content management system. April 20, along with my web animation presentation, I'll be giving a short presentation on Drupal and open-source development.

More information can be found at the SRC Website.

Drupal storms quicksketch.org

After several exciting months of developing sites using Drupal, I've taken the plunge and renovated quicksketch.org. Utilizing the increased database usage and Drupal-provided XML feeds, I've also created a mirror website (minus the news posting) at portfolio.quicksketch.org that is build entirely using Macromedia Flash. I figure that many designers might find the Flash website more appealing while web standards advocates will appreciate the XHTML strict of the main site at quicksketch.org. Enjoy the new look!

Drupal rocks socks

The Content Management System I'm working on for my senior capstone is really quite amazing. I began work on the Atchison Art Association website prior to Thanksgiving and have nearly completed the new website, complete with backend.

I've also begun development on various Drupal modules, including the tinyMCE plugin.