BADCamp Webform Presentation

I'm about to give my presentation on Webform 3 presentation at BADCamp, in Berkley, CA (yes, the same talk I did at Pacific North West Drupal Summit). Here are the slides and the example site(s), including the database dumps. Enjoy!

Webform 2.x Plans

Webform and I have had a long history together. It was used on my first Drupal site as a contact form, and it's been used ever since. It was the first module I reported a bug, and led me to learn how to roll a patch file. I became the maintainer and ported it to Drupal 4.7 after learning the then new FormsAPI. Not long after, Lullabot contracted me to write some enhancements for the a client, leading me to be hired full-time.

So I owe Webform a lot it seems, but yet it's long been the black mark on my CVS history, barely receiving patches months apart. With Drupal 6 around the corner, the requests for a port will come soon, probably requiring a large number of changes to accommodate for the improved FormsAPI. Because maintaining two drastically different version of the same module doesn't appeal to anyone, I've begun work on Webform 2.x for Drupal 5 to make it possible to support both D5 and D6 versions simultaneously.

So, what's new and different?

  • The components form has been moved from the main edit form to a separate tab.
  • Editing components immediately saves to the node, preventing nasty $_POST value checking and hidden elements passing data back and forth.
  • A new Grid element (also in the 1.x version)
    Grid component example
  • Individual components can be cloned, preventing repeated setup of the same elements