Personal Post-DrupalCon Agenda

Once again, DrupalCon this year was no disappointment. After getting back and having a few days to refresh and set my priorities, I've laid out a bit of list of tasks that I hope to complete in the coming months.

Image handling. There's no getting out of it now. After announcing my drive to make image handling part of core during the Multimedia Panel session (with Aaron Winborn and James Walker), I don't think there's any way I can back down from the commitment.

Image issue on

A color picker for Fivestar. Before the Drupal code sprint at MIT, I brokered a deal that if Mahalie Pech made me a set of Bombs for Fivestar I'd make it so you can pick the colors. That's come along pretty nicely for code written during a code sprint. Look to a beta implementation of that in Fivestar soon.

Fivestar issue on

Popups (modal dialogs). Tao Starbow took the lead on implementations of popups (think Facebook) in Drupal 6 and I helped kick around some possibilities and how we can possible get this implemented into the Drupal UI. Seems like first candidates for popup implementation are the help text Drupal-wide, and the confirmation dialogs (Are you sure you want to delete this node, etc). Tao's done an amazing job and I'm very excited to see where this takes the Drupal UI.

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Nate Goes Lullabot

September 29 marked another big shift in my lifestyle. It concluded the my day of work at 220solutions/cvbTV, and marked the first day of full-time work at Lullabot. I'll now be doing Drupal development fulltime, along with occasional training sessions and consulting.

The 'bots flew me up to San Francisco this past week to meet most of the crew and sit in on the latest workshops. I couldn't ask for a better group of people to work with. Besides the people, we've also got some awesome projects in the pipe that I'm really excited about.


A coworker pointed me to a comic from the site xkcd. Hilarious for the *nux inclined. I already bought a T-Shirt. You might also dig this comic (another for geeks) or this comic (laymen).