Fivestar 1.9 Demo

Fivestar is getting loads of new features very soon. Two of the most common problems will be solved in the next release:

- Fivestar now can display the current average by default, with user's rating underneath.
- Fivestar now can display when submitting comments, making reviews a one-click option.

As you'll see in this video, we also get several interface enhancements and new star sets (still looking for more though if you want to lend a hand!) You can grab the latest version of Fivestar demoed here as a tarball of the dev version, or you can wait for version 1.9 of Fivestar, due to be out shortly.


Awesome. I really love your module!


Hopefully this will fix my bug with it falling back on non-javascript on very node but the first one on a teaser list. Eventhough javascript is enabled and working on the first node in the list!?

those stars remind me of rainbow bright ;)

Awesome. I really love your module! Thanks!

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