BADCamp: Flexible Image Galleries with File Entities

I'm speaking at BADCamp 2012! Attached are my slides for this talk.

Excerpt from

Complete image gallery solutions for Drupal 7 are hard to find. Sure there's always the Taxonomy + Image node approach, but what you want is something that feels cohesive, with functionality like:

- Bulk uploading of images.
- Controlling image order within galleries.
- Images that can be reused site-wide.
- Proper attribution and associated data (photographer, copyright, caption, etc).

Come and learn about how to accomplish these goals through using the File Entitymodule. You may be familiar with installing this module because it is a dependency for theMedia project, but this presentation will cover how you can use this module without Media to accomplish these goals.

This presentation will cover a smaller "click it together" approach using a variety of file related modules, including File Entity, Plupload, FileField Sources, Views, and a variety of modules for producing output in different ways (slideshows, carousels, etc.)

Slides below. See you there!


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