A friend of mine approached me this past Thursday about building a website for him. I've been busy of late so I didn't think that building a site would be possible, especially considering that he needed an extensive, easy to use back-end. Well, coincidentally I'm working on using a new kind of content management system, called Drupal. I decided to make this website, Hinson Films, a learning experience and dip my toes into Drupal's capabilities.

Wow, I couldn't have been more impressed. Although the stucture of Drupal took me a little while to adjust to, I found that it's slightly awkward (innovative?) stucture was incredibly powerful. I built the entire site in three days, complete with extensive backend.

I've been working on a website for Giuliani Soccer Club of Saint Louis for three months now. It's still not quite finished. I'm honestly considering scraping it and starting anew with Drupal. I haven't yet released Giuliani to my client, and I know they're going to want some changes made once I get it turn it over. Drupal would make implementing these changes a snap. What's a programmer to do?

If you haven't already drop by Hinson Films, Inc., and if interested take a look at the inprogress Giuliani Soccer Club.